There are three things in particular that we do to ensure that the shirt you’ve purchased exceeds your expectations. We select the best fabrics, style each shirt beautifully and build each shirt to last. But there is a forth and very important part of the equation: how you care for your shirt. To get the most out of your Eric Sana shirt, please follow the simple care instructions below.

Eric Sana shirts can be dry-cleaned or machine-washed.

• Not all dry-cleaners are the same, be sure to select a quality service that has advanced technology and offers hand pressing.

• Remove collar stays before cleaning (this applies when dry-cleaning as well)
• Always wash on cold setting
• Iron shirt when it is still slightly damp and do not over-dry
• Use wood or plastic hangers and avoid using wire hangers

Shrinkage does occur on all new fabrics (up to 1⁄2 inch on sleeves and collar) only when combining water and heat.