How It Works

Creating Your Custom Garment



Nothing is pre-made, and every hand-made shirt, jacket, pant, and casual garment is unique. Choose from a library of over 7,000 luxury fabrics, threads, buttons and liners.



Browse through our curated fabric line and design your garments. Our fabric selections are carefully sourced from the very best mills all over the world.

Our construction process is second to none, and our fabric selection follows the same principle.

We guide and help you through your selection process. To make your life easier, we lay out your selections on your own personal 'style board'. This will help turn your swatch selection into the suit design of your choice, right in front of your eyes.

We determine the style of suit, fabric, lining and button selections, so you know exactly what you are getting before you leave our showroom.



The most crucial step in the process of making your suit is the 'measurement process'.

Our tailors have all undergone hours of training and tailoring classes to ensure that there are no compromises in this step. All garments require a '30+ fit profile', which means that over 30 different measurements and observations are taken of your body and how you wear your clothing.



Over the next four to six weeks, your fabric travels to our tailoring houses, where  over 50 man hours are spent with our master tailors, each with their own specialization.

Once passed through the 'Eric Sana Custom House' strict quality-control standards, your garment arrives back in our showroom. At this point we meet for your fitting, to try on all your new clothing.

For new clients it is not uncommon to have some minor alterations to ensure the perfect fit of your garment. These minor alterations are in-house, and are generally completed within five business days.

Then we meet for your final fitting to ensure the fit is immaculate.



Eric Sana Custom House ensures a perfect suit to heighten your confidence in your appearance.

Our Lifetime Fit Guarantee ensures your garment always fits you perfectly.