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  • Fabric Selection

    The drape and feel of your suit or shirt will depend largely upon the fabric. Zeglio carries the best wearing fabrics in all weights, finenesses, and patterns. You know how you want your suit to look, and Zeglio has the fabric to make it for you.

  • Measurement

    Simply put, it takes an expert to deliver accurate and reliable measurements. Without a knowledgeable fitter, your suit will not fit well. Zeglio does not use stock sizing or pre-made garments. Instead, a set of over 35 measurements will dictate exactly how your suit will fit. Our staff will also suggest the best design proportions for lapels, pockets, and other details that should stay in proportion to your body type.

  • Pattern

    Not only will we create a unique pattern for you based on your measurements, but we will adapt and keep this pattern for future suits. In this way, we can perfect your fit and make each visit easier.

  • Silhouette

    Associates will help you decide on how to accentuate your best assets as well as exuding your personality.

  • Fitting

    Zeglio guarantees that you will get the fit by having your fitting done with a single master tailor with almost a decade of fitting experience. The final fitting is about three to four weeks after your first fitting, with subsequent fittings to perfect the fit.

  • Sewing

    Each garment is constructed with extreme skill and care. Our tailors consider the shape of your body and needs of each garment when basting the canvas and shaping the shoulder.

  • Closing & Finishing

    Whether bluffed or pick-stitched, the hand-sewing helps the lapels roll beautifully. Hand-stitched finishing gives your new suit the extra touch of care and class you deserve.

  • Our Location

    74 Victoria Street
    Toronto, ON
    M5C 2A5

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