Eric Sana tailored shirt story

Our Beginning

As a young man growing up in Bosnia, Eric Sana was always fascinated by fabric. On his worldly travels, he observed that the right fabric could define a person’s individuality, empower their style and turn an average man into an irresistible symbol of success.

Eric left Bosnia in pursuit of new adventures in Canada. He spent more than 20 years in the clothing and retail industry, getting to know his customers and their unique style.

Our Journey

In 1996, Eric Sana opened Altered Image, an alteration and made-to-measure clothing business, in Hudson’s Bay stores and other retailers nationwide. In the years that followed, he set out to create something special: a lifestyle brand for the luxury market.

Eric felt inclined to design a line that fit between his made to measure and existing off the rack products. From that vision, our Eric Sana collection of dress shirts was born.

Our Inspiration

Eric Sana is an expression of Eric’s experiences, his "joie-de-vivre." He focuses on the finer things in life, drawing inspiration from the sights, sounds and tastes that surround him. His shirt designs embody his love of interesting people, savory food and exotic travel.

Cities and regions from across the world have inspired the names of the Eric Sana tailored shirt styles.

Our Customer

Eric Sana is for those who dare to challenge the status quo. We believe that your custom made shirt should be an expression of your distinctive style, not today’s trends. Our hand made shirts are designed to make you feel confident, attractive and ready to take on the world.

We will continue to bring you timeless designs that are made to outlast the latest fashion fads. 

Our Tailor Made Shirt

Using his knowledge of the luxury made-to-measure shirt market, Eric developed a style that is designed and tailored to provide an exceptional fit. Every custom shirt is made with quality fabrics, and crafted with careful attention to all the finer details.

Eric Sana has four categories to help our customers decide which shirt to wear. Whether you’re dressing for a formal affair or casual occasion, we have the right shirt for you.

The Pegasus

Every tailored shirt is adorned with a stitched Pegasus emblem on the cuff. The mythic Pegasus symbolizes the simplicity, strength and fabled style of the Eric Sana brand.