Meet Eric

Eric Sana is the rarest of designers, the type that cares more about the customer than his brand. 

“You don’t wear Eric Sana,” he insists. “Rather, we become part of your brand. We become a reflection of you, you’re never a reflection of us.” 

“Our purpose at Eric Sana is really individuality. We want to enhance the look and fit of our clients by adding quality and tailoring. We create fashion through a unique combination of form, fit, and fabric, the perfect harmony.”

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Eric has become an expert at helping his clients define themselves through fashion.“You don’t wear Eric Sana,” he insists. “Rather, we become part of your brand. We become a reflection of you, you’re never a reflection of us.” 

Eric Sana

Growing up in Bosnia, Eric was always interested in fabric and fit. 

His uncle taught design and tailoring and encouraged Eric to pursue a similar career. His journey eventually led him to Canada, where Eric’s attention to detail and professionalism landed him managerial positions with retail brands like Dylex, Aldo Group, Tip Top Tailors, Eaton’s, and The Bay. Eric went on to create Altered Image–a Canadian national alteration and tailoring company–where he lead a force of 100+ highly skilled tailors in all major Canadian cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Victoria.

However, his goal was to create his own brand. 

“When I worked in tailoring and alterations for Eaton’s, I went by just ‘Eric.’ We didn’t have real branding, but it soon became clear that we needed something more.”

When brainstorming a new name, it was suggested that Eric should go back to his roots, honouring the place where he came from by bringing it to where he is now. “I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina, from an area that is close to the Sana River. When ‘Eric Sana’ was proposed as a name, I was proud to incorporate it into my own.”

The designer has been Eric Sana ever since.

The Eric Sana Experience

In 2022, Eric Sana opened its flagship in the heart of Sherway Gardens in Toronto. 

“I had done a lot wholesale for the U. S. market as Eric Sana, but very little here in Canada,” Eric admits. “So I decided to open up a full concept retail store, rather than rely on existing retailers. I wanted to be able to help my clients, in person.” 

And that is all part of The Eric Sana Experience, learning more about yourself through fashion, fit, function, and fabrics; how to create not the perfect outfit, but the perfect outfit for you. Working with Eric from concept to reality. 

The incomparable Edith Head once said, “building a proper wardrobe is like building a home. Indeed, you should think of it like a home, because it is something you're going to live in. It must be comfortable and suit all your needs.”

Let us suit your needs, come visit us at Eric Sana.