Meet an Eric Sana Outfit

One thing will always be true for Eric: fashion is a mix of form and function. Every outfit created and curated at Eric Sana is as unique as the person wearing it. That said, he still has a few favourite pieces that he believes can be incorporated into everyone’s wardrobe.

Here are Eric’s thoughts on what makes a perfect Eric Sana outfit and how you can make it your own.

The Shirt 

The Eric Sana shirt is the heart of Eric’s collection. It is his signature piece that, when worn correctly,  can tie an entire outfit together. 

But that doesn’t mean it has to be complicated. 

“My intent behind the Eric Sana shirt is for it to become your favourite shirt in your closet,” says Eric. “And, if it’s not your favourite shirt, I rather you bring it back and find something else.” 

Like all Eric Sana pieces, he created his line of shirts to be that perfect balance of form and function. Eric Sana shirts are made with either 2-way or 4-way stretch, allowing the wearer to move with comfort, but still having an atelier-like fit. Post-wear care is also important to Eric, so his shirts are easy to wash and require little ironing. 

“A shirt should be both easy to wear and easy to take care of. Whether it’s a dress shirt or a casual shirt, my goal is that you want to go back to it again and again."

Experience the Eric Sana shirt for yourself.

The Sweater

When you put on an Eric Sana sweater, you are not only wearing luxury knitwear, but a piece of Italian history as well.

“90% of our sweaters are wool and wool products, like cashmere,” Eric explains. “They come from Prato, a city in the Tuscany region of Italy. In Prato, they have been recycling wool products for 800 years; we are proud to continue to use that historical knowledge and create a product that feels good today.”

This means each Eric Sana piece from Prato carries the 800-year-old Pratien tradition of sustainability.

“Sustainability in fashion is very popular at the moment; everyone talks the talk, but very few people walk the walk. These shirts are proof of centuries-old craftsmanship and tradition.”

Prato’s recycled wool products are not just found in Eric Sana sweaters but also in Eric Sana cardigans, knitted shirts, and even select t-shirts.

The Jacket

The tailored jacket has always been a staple for any closet. And Eric doesn’t disagree, he’s just more interested in innovating old traditions. 

“Tailoring is very important to us,” he acknowledges, “because the Eric Sana brand was founded in the tailored and custom world. With our Eric Sana jackets, I wanted to take the same principles, but also ensure comfort is there as well.”

So Eric decided it was time to deconstruct the constructed jacket.  

“It is important to me to find the best fabrics first, and then work on structure second. Old school tailoring meant a lot of structure, but now that fabrics have changed and technology has changed, we can create garments that are totally unstructured, but still fitted.”

In other words, provided the correct sizing, anyone can wear an Eric Sana jacket because they are formed to fit the body. Made in southern Italy, Eric Sana jackets favour the movement of fabrics over the tradition of structured shape, allowing you to wear them the way that feels most comfortable to you. 

The Pants

Like the Eric Sana shirt, pants from Eric Sana follow the same desire to perfectly capture the harmony of form and function.

“We combine dress-making theories with casual-making fabrics. For instance, some of our pants are made like a dress pant, but they're made with casual fabric, fabric that has a lot of stretch. They work together to create a comfortable, but sophisticated, pant.” 

Once again, the marriage of form and function is of the utmost importance to Eric. Eric Sana pants move and feel like a luxury sweatpant, while still looking fitted and tailored, like a traditional dress pant. 

Feel them for yourself and browse Eric Sana pants.

The Shoes

Every good outfit needs a foundation to build upon, and there is no better foundation than a pair of shoes. In fact, it’s one of the products that Eric is most proud of. 

“We don’t compromise with our shoes. Your most comfortable piece of clothing or outfit has to be shoes. That’s why we offer custom shoes, something very unique and something very different than everyone else.” 

Eric Sana’s custom shoes mix new virtual technology with traditional cordwainer techniques, resulting in fit and fashion unique to the wearer. From colour to materials, design to occasion, each pair of shoes is crafted to look good, while still feeling comfortable. The goal is to find the perfect balance of comfort and style, without sacrifice. 

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