The most important component of our tailored shirts is the passion that goes into every article of clothing we create. The details make all the difference. It is not about fashion, it is about style. You will see this philosophy reflected in our full line of tailored shirts.

We produce the best custom tailored shirts and acessories, for those who demand the best.


We seek out the most unique and refined fabrics from across the globe to offer you the quality and style you deserve in a custom shirt. Working with these advanced innovative fabric mills allows us to create tailored shirts that do not lose their sheen or texture with proper aftercare, which means your hand made shirts will look better and last longer.

We choose fabric with our customer in mind and produce a limited quantity of custom shirts in each fabric and style.


Buttons are important to the overall design of our tailored shirts and we carefully select the colour, size and style to compliment the fabric. Most of our tailored shirts have Mother-of-pearl buttons that are handcrafted from natural materials. These buttons will not break or fade which adds to the longevity of the tailored shirt.

The placement of the second button at the neckline allows for the tailored shirt to be buttoned comfortably. Not too low and not too high. All of our custom shirts have a second button on the cuff to allow for adjustment.


Once you find that perfect tailor made shirt, you want to know that the next one will be the same fit with the same attention to detail. Your needs and wants are always taken into account in the designing and manufacturing of our tailored shirts.

We take extra care to align the fabric pattern at the seams for a continuous design with at least 18 stitches per inch. The collars and cuffs are carefully fused on the top and bottom to allow for them to sit better and stay for a longer period of time.

Combined with quality fabrics, our tailor made shirt looks and feels better. All these details work together to create the perfect shirt.