Eric Sana has shopped the best fabric mills in the world from Asia to Italy, and has personally curated the selection of fabrics offered at Eric Sana Custom House.

Our garments are manufactured with the finest attention to detail in some of the best factories in the world.

Eric Sana Custom House has assembled an assortment of price points and fabric quality to suit each of our customer’s requirements. 


A.J. Samson is a new line of custom shirts available exclusively at Eric Sana Custom House. Choose from over 38 patterns, including stripes and plaids, and customize your style of cuff and collar.

Traditional blues and whites are available ready-made in store.

FROM $149.00



Zeglio ( pronounced: zeh-lyo ) is a brand of hand-tailored suits, sport coats and shirts, customized to fit your specific frame and taste. Carefully constructed with fabrics from the finest Asian mills, Zeglio offers a choice of over 3,000 swatch selections.

Shirts are available in a variety of options and fabrications ranging from cotton blends to Italian 2-ply 130s and above.

FROM $140 TO $600


Suits are carefully constructed from Korean or Italian fabrics ranging from wool blends to Super 120s 100% wool to high end wool / silk / velvet blends. 

FROM $590 TO $1800


Eric Sana Custom House presents a full line of suits and shirts custom tailored in Italy from the finest Italian fabrics.

Eric Sana custom shirts are expertly custom tailored from over 150 fabric and pattern selections and feature six collar and six cuff selections.

Fabrications include 100% cotton ( 2-ply 100s to 170s ), mercerized cotton, and cotton / Lycra blends.

FROM $195 TO $375


Eric Sana by GiCapri custom suits and sport coats feature the finest in Italian construction.

This includes the patented GiCapri system for jackets, which is an innovative system and workmanship, resulting in a lighter and softer jacket in the shoulders, ensuring the best fit.

Available in over 200 swatches.

FROM $1600 TO $2800


Eric Sana Bespoke is the finest and most exclusive suit you will ever own.

Hand crafted by master craftsmen in Italy and made from the finest Italian fabrics, these garments will stand the test of time.

Every suit is hand tailored to precise measurements and features the finest in linings and buttons.

Available in over 200 swatches.

FROM $4500 TO $7000