About Us

At Eric Sana, we believe that your outfit tells two stories. 

The first projects the present: a perfect balance of fabric and function to highlight individual style, while complimenting form. The second honours the past: celebrating centuries of craftsmanship and art, by commemorating the history of inter-generational Italian clothiers. 

Our mission is to bring together the present and the past to create a style as unique as you. 

Eric Sana is a luxury lifestyle brand that puts the individual first. We choose our collections to reflect the best in fashion, but we select your wardrobe to reflect the best in you. Whether you need an entire outfit to walk down the aisle or just the perfect sweater for a Sunday dinner, we create a signature look that makes the Eric Sana brand your own.

About You

Every Eric Sana customer is unique in style, ideology, and outlook in life, but all share a common trait: you want the very best for yourself and expect the very best of yourself.

And that best also includes your clothes. This is why we take pride in combining reason and harmony in our collections. The goal is to influence positivity in your daily life, rooted in loving who you are. Our philosophy is not to focus on fashion, but rather on individual style; we have seen firsthand how clothing can define confidence and one’s sense of self. Eric Sana believes the right fabric and the right fit can represent your individuality and empower your style, which in turn can have a positive effect on other aspects of your life.

Whatever your expectations, our goal is to work with you to exceed them.

About Eric

From his early beginnings in Bosnia to his establishment in Canada, Eric Sana has travelled the world–geographically, culturally, and historically–to learn about fashion, fabric, form, and function.

For over 20 years, Eric has been dressing people to look and feel their best. In 1996, Eric opened Altered Image, an alteration and made-to-measure clothing business. This inspired him to create something special: a luxury line that fit between his made-to-measure and existing off-the-rack products. From that vision, our Eric Sana collection of dress shirts was born and today, Eric himself continues to help customers look and feel their best.

When you buy an Eric Sana product, you’re also purchasing a piece of Eric himself, as he personally sources each and every piece in the collections that bare his name. It is Eric’s absolute privilege to help you define, and distinguish yourself.

About the Pegasus

The Pegasus, the winged stallion born from gods, symbolizes strength, freedom, and artistic inspiration, three important values of the Eric Sana brand. That is why every tailored shirt is adorned with a stitched Pegasus emblem on the cuff, to remind the wearer of their own potential.