Staying on Top of Outerwear

It’s the time of year when we need to add an extra layer of everything.

Extra long underwear, extra thick socks, 2 to 4 pairs of gloves…

But the one thing we tend to pull out first is the trusty coat, the shield to pair with our sword (aka boots). One of the most common coats to wear over a suit or a sports jacket is the top coat. The thing with top coats is that they can fit incorrectly, if bought off the rack. Too big and you’re draped in material, looking more like Batman running around in the wind. Too tight, you’re losing mobility and comfort plus putting unnecessary strain on the seams reducing the life of your jacket *snap crackle pop*.

So what’s the best way to look good and add longevity to your coat? The answer: made-to-measure.

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This way you KNOW it will fit over your suit and it will be the right length for you. An overly long coat will make your frame look short and stubby; an overly short coat won’t add enough coverage to combat the cold temperatures.
Next is material, choosing the right one is key to making sure you’re warm, standing out from the crowd and that it complements the rest of your wardrobe. At Eric Sana, we have over 50 wool swatches to choose from and you can customize it straight down to the buttons.

By having your coat custom made, you’re ensuring that the fit of the amazing custom suit that you have on underneath is being showcased on top! And if it’s your day off, you can wear a cosy hoodie.

Come into the shop and find out how you can stay toasty. Plus, check out our current coat promo!

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