Frequently Asked Questions




How much does it cost?

Our price varies based on the fabric you select and the tailoring program. Our Emerald Label starts at $995 for a suit and $180 for a shirt. Our Black Label is completely Italian made using premium fabrics and starts at $2,100. Finally, our Bespoke program is made by our Master Tailor Grace and our expert Toronto team and starts at $3,000.

How Long Does it Take?

For a suit, it can take at least 5 weeks from start to finish.

What’s your process?

Once we select your fabric, we take your measurements (body measurements, fit measurements, and postural measurements). We then select style choices such as your prefered lapel shape, details like your buttons or pic stitching, etc. Once your suit is ready, we call you for another fitting to see if any adjustments are necessary. Any edits are recorded into your profile as we constantly strive to perfect your measurements for future orders. All alterations are done in-house by our expert tailoring team, lead by Grace Martins.

Can you alter my existing suit?

Yes! We are a full service tailoring shop and can alter most items of clothing.

What happens if it doesn’t fit?

Some body types are more difficult to fit than others and may require more alteration work after. Our team will work with you to ensure your garment fits you until you are satisfied, even if that involves a remake.

Do you have any deals?

Yes! On top of making sure you look your best and providing you with incredible value, we sometimes have package deals and special offers.

What’s the difference between Eric Sana and off-the-rack?

If you’re tired of your clothes feeling boxy or not fitting how you want it, than made-to-measure is right for you. When we make you clothes we consider much more than chest and sleeve length – we consider your shoulder slopes, your posture, your neck length, your waist to seat ratio, and more. These measurements and observations are reflected in the clothing we make for you.

Do you make women’s suits too?

Yes, we make made-to-measure suiting for women or bespoke clothing for just about any occasion.

Do you have ready-made clothing?

Our ready-made products include shirts, sweaters, accessories, and a few other stylish pieces.

For your custom shoes, how do you measure feet?

Our custom shoe program is more about you being the designer. We do measure your foot length and width and if you require any personal measurement specifications for insoles, orthotics, etc, please let us know and we’ll see how we can best help!

Is online ordering safe?

Completely. Our website operates on a secure SSL server. This means all information that you send through the Internet is encrypted. In fact, when you pay by credit card, you’ll need to re-enter your number each time, because for added security we do not store your number on our site.

How do I track my order?

Simply log in to “My Account” anytime and select “Order status”. Your order number is linked directly to the FedEx tracking website.