Beat in Brown and Blue

Have you ever had a day where you want to feel warm and comfortable but hardy and durable?

At Eric Sana, this is everyday, especially in the depths of the vortex otherwise known as Winter. During these times, we think about survival first… but what if you could have it all? What if you could be warm and unscathed by the perils of old man winter but still be the same sharp dressed, confident person that you are during the other 9 months (but feels like 6 months in Canada, amirite?).

Winter means bringing as much warmth as possible to clothing, not just physical temperature but tonal. The days are short, sometimes feeling like the sun hasn’t shone for days on end, so why not bring that energy to your everyday dress. Swap out the grey flannel suit for a perfect brown wool suit. Wool is a natural temperature regulator, keeping you cool by wicking away sweat and warm by keeping in body heat. If it’s good enough to clothe sheep on the fields of Australia to the peaks of the Canadian Rockies, it’s good enough for us!

But what’s a great pop element to add that adds some edge to the cosy? Blue!

Brown can also have a natural warmth if it has an orange undertone; very similar to a campfire or glass of scotch. Nothings more cosy and warm than a fire and scotch…

Blue pairs with brown organically; the earth meets the ocean. By taking this natural pairing, you can adjust the tone of blue dependant on the occasion. Light blue for the office; dark blue for a nice date; blue plaid for a casual look. The confidence of blue is unparalleled which is why it is the colour of choice to make a lasting impression.

Nothing says reliably hardworking like these two colours. Historically, blue and browns have been used by some of the hardest working men on the planet; gamesmen, railroad builders, miners, welders, etc. On the same token, nothing is as anecdotal like these colours; travelling through time with tales of years past.

Whether it’s herringbone, tweed, or donegal, make your own stories with a made-to-measure suit to last you through the burgeoning cold months ahead. See you at the shop!

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