How to Rock Workplace Casual

With more and more companies going the way of casual, how can you make sure you stand out in the right way? The Blazer. If you’re working at Ubisoft or Goldman Sachs (they just announced suit and ties are optional), you can have a blazer that fits your environment and personal style. A blazer is

When Should I Clean My Suit?

There’s a fine balance to how often you should clean your suits. Clean it too often and you expose your suit to unnecessary stress, shortening its lifespan. Wait too long between cleanings and you may have permanent scent stains in your underarms and risk crotch blow-out from bacteria buildup. So when do you know if

Give it Some Sole

What’s in a bespoke shoe? Time, heart, passion… and some damn good cobblers. As the purveyors of bespoke and made-to-measure tailoring in Canada, we knew that we needed a company with the same values as us. One where the quality of the product had to be as elevated as the person standing in them. We