About Us

Eric Sana, aka Ermin Bilajbegovic was born in Bosnia with special ties to Austria, from a young age Eric was fascinated with fabrics and fashion. Always a purveyor of style, in 2012 Eric launched a line of clothing under his own name; today the Eric Sana brand is recognized for its carefully curated selection of ladies’ and men’s clothing and accessories, and always with special attention on custom.

Eric believes that now more than ever, customers are not merely purchasing products, they are buying an identity – and the success Eric Sana brand comes from this recognition that practical considerations like quality of fabrics, styling and craftsmanship must also be blended with emotional elements such as self-esteem, status, and confidence.


“Eric Sana’s team creates top quality products. As someone who has shopped for all the best branded suits and have worked with custom and bespoke tailors before, Eric Sana’s team is the best. I’m both comfortable and confident wearing my Eric Sana suits.” — Paul Finkbiener

“When I wear my Eric Sana suits, I can feel like I can walk into any room. His products are masterfully made for a pricepoint I feel is reasonable and that I’m comfortable with. His team is very professional and masters in their own right.” — Lou Fabiano

“Eric Sana has really helped me to hone my own style. He walks me through the entire process of purchasing the right suit for my build without being overwhelming. He and his team have my best interest at mind.” — Alex R.